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With a growing, diverse roster of local and global acts, Tones of Note works with clients to create exclusive
entertainment options. Through music and performance, we’ll compose memorable experiences to suit your brand
or vision. Our vast professional network includes, but not limited to, experimental, fusion, localised and speciality
artists are experts at their craft, hugely passionate about realising innovative and interesting concepts. Creating
something truly unique makes all the difference. Let us facilitate your experience going forward.


Francesca Biancoli 



                                                                      Italian singer and songwriter, Francesca Biancoli strives for authenticity in the music
she creates. Life experiences are interwoven in her work and reflect the daring,
explorative style Biancoli pursues. Her latest project, Zingara is a contemporary
melding of jazz and neo-soul, offering audiences a fun and original sound. 

In music, Biancoli endeavours to find herself. As she believes, it is only through self-
awareness that an artist can truly connect with their audience and elevate them emotionally and spiritually.

Watch Francesca perform 'Childhood' on Expresso

Street Art - Rus Nerwich.jpg

Rus Nerwich

Rus Nerwich has established himself as one of South Africa’s most prolific and inventive recording and performance artists. Constantly exploring different sound palettes and genres, he is comfortable in both the acoustic and electronic space. His work reflects a profound musicality and contemporary sensibility. Driven by a passion for communicating, be it through sound or words, he has developed a unique creative style that draws on his diverse musical and theatrical influences, culminating in musically rich, sometimes wacky and always entertaining performances.

Experience Rus' eclectic sound, live at the Poetry Jazz Cafe in Toronto here. 



                                                                         N8N is a full blooded stage animal! It all started when he was 6 years old, playing the drums. By the age of 13 he was deejaying, finally finding his calling on the microphone at age 16. Travelling around the world to bring his fleeced funky music to vibrant cities like: New York, London, Shanghai, Tel Aviv and Cape Town: where he spends most summers recording and performing. His musical influences range from funk to rhythm and blues, hip-hop, rock and soul. For his forthcoming album N8N has been writing and recording with Grammy award winning producer Andre Harris and his team of A-list writers.

Let N8N entertain you with his opening set for Simply Red here. 




                                                                    Starlight grew from the musical commitment of long time friends and collaborators, Rus Nerwich and Nathan Ambach (N8N). With a history of performing together for many years, they are fortunate enough to be connected to what people want, the duo have developed a symbiotic connection on stage, giving their clients a lively, pleasurable and musical accompaniment to their events. 

Get your dancing shoes on for  Starlight's dance set here.


The Rivertones

                                                                          The Rivertones are a Cape Town-based Reggae band, renowned for evoking the spirit and sounds of the late Bob Marley. Beyond Marley's classics, their broad experience and musical versatility has seen them taking on favourites from a host of other genres, including well-known jazz standards and semetic melodies of Klezmer music. 

Enjoy The Rivertones' Bob Marley reggae medley studio session here.


Nicholas Williams



                                                                                Nicholas Williams is a pianist and composer from Cape Town. He was mainly self-taught up until the age of 19 when he decided it was time for him to take the piano lessons. He has performed at most major jazz festivals in South Africa as well as festivals and jazz venues in Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic and Slovakia. He currently leads the Nick Williams Project as a pianist and composer.

Relish in Nicholas Williams original compositions on the Expresso Show here. 


Lana Crowster




With a voice that floats effortlessly between powerful and delicate, sensual and strong, longing and assertive, Lana Crowster uses her music to paint a picture of a woman coming into her own. Influenced by R&B, soul and hip-hop – all against a rich backdrop of jazz – Lana's songs are her commentary on love and life, producing a sound that is as emotionally and musically compelling as the stories she tells.

Here's Lana Crowster sensational performance on the Voice, South Africa. 


Joshua Grierson




Grierson has been in the music industry for well over a decade. After playing with different bands with various genres, like Neshamah and Lovehunter, he decided to pursue a solo career and lead with his direction. Grierson describes his music as a mixture of Folk, Blues, Alt-Country and Rock and he has been banging away at his final product for just under 20 years.

Revel in Joshua Grierson's highly emotive melodies and lyrics here. 


Jeremy Olivier & The Long St. Band



                                                            Comprising Cape Town's finest musicians, offering options from SOLO to FIVE PIECE and with a repertoire spanning all genres from jazz to rock to pop, the Long Street Premium Band is the perfect fit for any function or event. Featuring Bev Scott-Brown on vocals, Shaun Johannes on bass, Frank Paco on drums and Andrew Ford on the keys.

Sing along to well-known hits with Jeremy Olivier and the Long Street Band here. 

hezron .jpg

Hezron Chetty | Violinist  



                                                                                Performing with the violin through a loop station, Hezron has a progressive approach to instrumental music. His genre can best be described as 'New Age' as he loops string arrangements live, and places melodies and solos on top of them. At times the listener will believe there is a full string quartet on stage. 

Listen to Hezron Chetty's provocative take on violin here.