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Successful events rely on meticulous planning. And good music of course.

Whether it’s your big day, business launch or daughter’s bat-mitzvah, your event should be the pinnacle. The celebration at the end of an already fun and exciting journey, not the culmination of a lengthy organisational nightmare.

Although we can’t help much with making canapes or setting up a marquee, we can guide you in curating a unique event soundtrack while making sure the drummer arrives on time and there’s no awkward silence as the DJ fumbles to find your first dance song.

When the vision is clear and the planning meticulous, execution is effortless and the result sublime.

top-class talent 

Securing the best entertainers for the job, our hands-on team assists you step-by step, taking care of everything from preparation through to technical so that you don’t have to. From musicians to dancers we guide brands and individuals in narrating their ideas artistically, creatively taking their event from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Photo from a performance for a Wedding@Boschendal 2017

Photo from a performance for a Wedding@Boschendal 2017

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Custom clients

With every event that comes our way, we work with clients to set the right tone, balancing venue constraints with guest preferences. Whether it's focused on heritage rituals, singing waiters, guest video spots or colourful dancers, we engage a host of diverse entertainment networks bringing your mood board to life.