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Music is personal. It captures moments for posterity and highlights life’s B-sides and rarities. Through album releases, music education and events, we’ve garnered rich and varied experience, placing us at the heart of the industry. And while successful events rely on meticulous planning, getting the music right goes a long way to making your event one to remember.  

Whether it’s your big day, business launch or daughter’s bat-mitzvah, your event should be the celebration at the end of an already fun and exciting journey, not the culmination of a lengthy organisational nightmare. Although we can’t help much with making canapes or setting up a marquee, we can guide you in curating a unique event soundtrack while making sure the drummer arrives on time and there’s no awkward silence as the DJ fumbles to find your first dance song. Supported by a family of talented creatives, live performers and admin aficionados, we make music while taking care of business.