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Formed in 2005  by recording artist and performer, Rus Nerwich, Tones of Note welcomed a community of musicians looking to support their creative work with regular income, while partnering their craft with interesting spaces and concepts to create a unique experience. 

Recognised for our personalised direction and hand-on approach to each project, Tones of Note is an all-inclusive consultancy platform that offers artist bookings, customised events and creative concept development.

The TON team works closely with each client to curate a musical soundtrack to match the style, concept and budget for the events you are coordinating. We have a wide variety of artists and DJs, a range of exotic performers and often work with clients to create unique entertainment option to create unique and personal moments especially suited to a client's taste.


Dean's passion for music drives his desire to encourage new learners embarking on their musical journeys. Having managed the Woodstock Academy of Music since its opening in 2012, he plays an intricate role in scheduling lessons and rehearsals, providing new learners with information and giving expert advice on all things musical.


Conscientious and spirited, Daniela is compelled to motivate and assist individuals in any way she can. After teaching English and working as a copywriter for magazines and advertising agencies, she changed career paths, lending her organisational skills to the wonderfully creative yet chaotic music industry.