Saxophonist | Producer | Songwriter

Forming Tones of Note in 2005 by recording artist and performer Rus Nerwich welcomed a community of musicians looking to support their creative work with regular income, while partnering their craft with interesting spaces and concepts to create a unique experience. 

Rus Nerwich Trio - Homage.JPG

Live Sessions

Where passion, atmosphere and collaboration meet, live sessions allow musicians to engage with their audience, while treating fans to an intimate portrayal of their creativity. 

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Recording Sessions

With a unique approach to the layers of sound, Nerwich’s characteristically rich and textured production style sets him apart in an ever-growing industry clutch for trends. He moves past traditional genres by piecing together complementary elements from hip-hop, jazz and dance music, seeding the foundation for his tracks in a complex and whimsical playfulness.


Vinyl Sessions

Finding the groove, Rus pays tribute to those before him and paves the way for those ahead. By selecting the diverse sounds of Motown funk, jazz, funk, world music, hip-hop and soul, these sessions expand the bracket of audience by fusing the traditional and the current.

Explore the inner workings of Rus on his website.